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Projects in Progress

Calabash by Hotel Parallax (Single)

Problem Child by Saucyfaucet (Single)

Basaltic Day Terrors by Power Pill Fist & VFKR (LP)

Untitled by Chem Trails (Single)

Untitled by Ricky Smith (Single)

Untitled by Matison Lakstigala (Single)

Untitled by McKenzie Sprague (Single)

BINARY by Future Faces (LP)

You, Me, a Box of Noodles, and a Pauly Shore Movie by No Merit (LP)

Tales of Oak and Bramble by Saint Arbor (LP)

Triomes by VFKR (EP)

Onward by Goode (Single)

Running by Glass Heart (Single)

Untitled by Goode (LP)

Taranturanite by Tarantura (LP)

Untitled by S.W.I.M. (LP)

Untitled by Kudzu (Single)

Space For Rent by Phanerons (LP)

Tuesday Intruder by Kid Ruby (Single)

Sacred Hunger by Hotel Parallax (LP)

Moonbird by Glass Heart (LP)

Jadberi by Jad (LP)

Honeycomb by VFKR (LP)

Upcoming Patch Notes
  • Add a section to the website for art, full resolution album art, etc

  • Update progress sheets for all the latest projects

  • Create a new kind of progress sheet for tracking non-album singles

  • Add a store to the website that makes it more obvious that we sell CDs, and furnish it with other options for merch as well.

Other things to know
  • This page is for BG members only! For your convenience, it is public for you to access but hidden from the website menu. If other folks get ahold of it we will have to slap a password on the page which is inconvenient :(

  • The Master Sheet is an important tool that holds a lot of important information. It details our physical and digital catalog, artist roster, contacts in our network, and more. You can find information about your releases such as the UPC/Barcode and songlink URLs in the catalog sections.

  • Everyone has their own Artist folder and access to edit it. You can access other people's artist folders for viewing/listening, but you can only edit your own content. If you have trouble accessing your folder, contact Kelby.

  • You should have access to every site under Useful Links, so if you are missing something and need access to it then contact Kelby.

  • The VPN is paid for by Bell Garden and supports multiple devices. Use it for your stanky piratey needs in the bay.

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