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Goode Grief Deluxe

Test Pressing - Free Shipping



Side A

  1. Psycho Path
  2. Rivers Cuomo
  3. Onward (ft Glass Heart)
  4. What's Happening (ft Kid Ruby)
  5. End of the Road
  6. Get the Broom (ft Spookshow Rain)
  7. Out of Place (ft Amethyst)


Side B

  1. Everything I Am
  2. Dust
  3. Rivers Cuomo (Live Acoustic)
  4. Out of Place (FUTURE FACES Remix)
  5. End of the Road (Freestyle) by Spookshow Rain
  6. Psycho Path (Jad Remix)
  7. End of the Road (Grayson Talton Remix)

NOTE: This item is a test pressing, therefore we may not be able to process a refund for minor defects, unless there is major cosmetic damage upon arrival of your order.

Goode Grief Deluxe Vinyl

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