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Bell Garden's two founding members, Kelby Hancock and Matthew Harris, are joined by lead singer Sedona Baranchok, also known as Kid Ruby, to form VFKR. This band, rarely referred to as Very Friendly Kid Ruby, sometimes referred to by Vampire Freaks Killer Rampage, and most often referred to as VFKR, has a lengthy and illustrious history dating back to the early 2010s.
Originally started as a solo project by Kelby in 2013, the project was flagged for recruitment to the Bell Garden Records starting roster, a then-new record company searching for development. Kid Ruby joined the band in 2015 after Kelby’s brief stint of making instrumental music, and began recording the album Qwazi, which was released on New Year's Day 2020. Matthew Harris was incorporated as the band's live drummer at the end of Qwazi's production in 2019, and he recorded drums on yet-to-be-released pieces. Since then, the band has produced several singles and is now working on an EP named 'Triomes,' which will be published in late 2021.


Chattanooga, Tennessee


Kelby Hancock, Sedona Baranchok, Matthew Harris

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a blast from the past
coming from 2014
everybody scream


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