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Your fave digital poet

Saucyfaucet is the sonic moniker (soniker) of Tony Pizzo, a digital poet living in Portland, OR. His focus is the beautification of discarded language, reconstructing content deemed “useless” due to its obsolescence or lack of perceived beauty (trash). Tony hopes to blend gooey chewy tones with classic funk & disco backbones to produce some sort of groovy fish monster. His musical debut was the double-single "Problem Child" which swiftly racked up over 150 monthly Spotify listeners in the first month. Ever since, he's been working on migrating to a fancy new computer and released a track titled "Martyred Biker," only available on the Bell Garden Winter Solstice 2020 Compilation CD. The next Saucyfaucet release is scheduled for 2021.


Portland, Oregon


Tony Pizzo

Holy Circuitry.JPG

it's getting heated
time to leave and time to go
it is cleaning day


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