Saint Arbor


The Saint of Revels and Riots

James Lewis, a freestyle rapper and spoken word poet from Gadsden, Alabama, goes under the alias Saint Arbor. He's also known as S.W.I.M.'s lead singer. His abilities are readily apparent the moment he opens his mouth and begins generating rhymes as if it were second nature to him. He'd been composing music for years, uploading recordings to Soundcloud and collaborating with other musicians, until Bell Garden signed him and released the album "Rollin' Swishers" in late 2019. Except for three tracks on the album that were published under the EP ‘Black Roses,' the album was a limited CD release that never went to streaming.
The album 'Tales Of Oak & Bramble' was released on streaming and CD in January 2021, marking his first full-length release with the label. He's working on a new record that will be released within the next year.


Gadsden, Alabama


James Lewis

Recent Releases

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just need two more lines
oak and bramble at my feet
there we go that's it