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No Merit


Sad Songs about Girls?

No Merit began as a collaborative joke in 2016 under the pseudonym "Gringo De Gallo," before partnering with Bell Garden Records in 2019. Branden Santos is the band's vocalist, and his words are both anchored in reality and full of personality. Grayson Talton, the band's producer, gives the soundtrack exactly the right mix of grit and catchy melodies with his production approach.
After taking a more serious approach to songwriting in 2018, the pair released their debut album, titled 'You, Me, A Box Of Noodles, And A Pauly Shore Movie,' in October of 2020. Since then, they've started production on their second full-length LP, and released "I Tried Again," a single featuring Goode. The album is due out in 2022.


Gadsden, Alabama


Branden Santos, Grayson Talton

Holy Circuitry.JPG

truly mend upon
the things that not even the
nostalgia could fix


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