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mutual feelings


always lowercase and pastel dark

The colors of music, if they were existent, would be black and white with a hint of rose gold- Just like mutual feelings. This trio from Charlotte, NC features songs that will touch your emotions deeply, while maintaining a sense of serenity and peace. Emily Youngman, the band's lead singer and lyricist, excels in writing heart-captivating songs. The band is musically led by composers Daniel Shepherd and Nick DeJohn (also known as Modules Plus). Nick co-produced 'Coming Up Roses,' and he is now a full-fledged member of mutual feelings as of 2021. The band's sound is created by the elements that both producers bring to the table, which are united with Emily's dark and gloomy lyrics.

The band was formed as a result of a heartbreak during the early phases of the Covid-19 epidemic. Soundcloud's first capture for the band's debut single, 'garden in the sky,' quickly spread throughout the community. This piqued Bell Garden Records' interest, which signed them and subsequently debuted their EP 'this is so over' in November 2020. mutual feelings released their sophomore EP papier mâché in February of 2023.


Charlotte, North Carolina


Emily Youngman, Daniel Shepherd, Nick DeJohn

Holy Circuitry.JPG

and the night is still
the moon hovers in the sky
ghostly white it drifts


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