mutual feelings


always lowercase and pastel dark

If music had defined colors, mutual feelings would be black and white with a tinge of rose gold. This Charlotte, NC-based trio features songs that will stir your deepest feelings, with a commitment to serene emotion and lowercase letters. Emily Youngman, the band's lead singer, specializes in delivering heartfelt lyrics that captivate her audience. The band's producer is Daniel Shepherd, who delivers compositions with muted tones and deep pastel hues. He's joined by Nick DeJohn, also known as Modules Plus, as a composer. Nick was a producer on works including 'coming up roses,' and he is a permanent member of mutual feelings as of 2021. The band's foundation is constructed by the elements brought together by the two producers, which are united with Emily's gloomy lyricism.
During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the band was founded as a result of a heartbreak. The band's debut release, 'garden in the sky,' became an instant catch on Soundcloud. This drew the attention of Bell Garden Records, which signed the band and subsequently published the EP 'this is so over' in October 2020. mutual feelings is expected to release their first complete work as a trio in 2022.


Birmingham, Alabama


Emily Youngman, Daniel Shepherd, Nick DeJohn

Recent Releases

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it is the season
for all the things that I have
dependency on