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edm's new nightmare

misery is a state of being. An abstract force, It transcends physical forms, instead presenting itself as an unseen presence that purveys an eclectic soundscape. It carries an eerie power with it, giving listeners the sensation of being haunted by grief, and rage.

The music created by Misery is a sonic tapestry, weaving together ambient, experimental electronic sounds with early industrial and noise influences on one thread, and melodic, piano driven reflections of the human emotional landscape on the other. Elements clash and blend in unexpected ways, creating songs that evoke the feeling of standing on the edge of a precipice. The result is music that’s both unsettling and captivating at the same time.

misery's work has been praised for its boldness as well as its ability to create unique and immersive listening experiences. Its music often takes listeners on journeys through their own minds, exploring realms few dare to traverse. And yet despite its sometimes dark subject matter and unsettling tones, Misery’s music contains an underlying beauty and subtle grace that can only be appreciated in moments of stillness and reflection.

Ultimately, no matter where one stands on their personal opinion of Misery's artistry, one thing remains certain; the latest haunting of electronic music is a force worth watching, as It's dark tide begins to rise...





Holy Circuitry.JPG

candles flicker low,
in shadows secrets do grow,
darkness starts to show


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