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edm's new nightmare

Stepping out from the echoes of Do$age, Zoey Mills forges new music as misery, intricately weaving ambient and industrial sounds into her creations. As she prepares for a coast-to-coast tour starting in April 2024, misery announces her upcoming EP, 'strip', set for a March 8th release. Notably, the cover artwork is an original piece by Zoey herself. 'strip' promises to delve deeper into her ability to merge contrasting soundscapes, offering a compelling addition to her growing body of work. This next phase suggests a continuation of her exploratory sound and an expansion of her musical narrative, inviting listeners into a world shaped by misery.


Atlanta, Georgia


Zoey Mills

Holy Circuitry.JPG

candles flicker low,
in shadows secrets do grow,
darkness starts to show


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