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Paxton Freeman's solo songwriting project is called Kudzu, which uses lyrics and soft sounds to invoke visual elements driven by the splendor of birds. Kudzu has been a founding partner of Bell Garden Records since the early 2010s, and has been a member of bands such as Nerve Language and Electric Buffalo Groove, as well as other label veterans such as Matthew Harris of Glass Heart and Nathan Cherry of Red Jade. Kudzu devotes a substantial amount of time to the art of drag when he is not writing music or appreciating avian allure.
Years of ruminating and birdwatching led to the moment when Kudzu quietly released a cover of Patti Smith's 'Dancin Barefoot' on Bell Garden's Winter Solstice 2020 Compilation. This subtle debut on CD would be followed by Kudzu's first release on streaming platforms in 2022, a cover of singer-songwriter Vagabon's 'Water Me Down.' Further projects are currently underway, as well as the likelihood of artistic collaborations, and these releases are expected this year.


Atlanta, Georgia


Paxton Freeman

Holy Circuitry.JPG

kudzu's debut track
is secretly a cover
it's by vagabon


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