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An Android at Work

Jad, also known as Kelby Hancock, is the producer of VFKR and co-founder of Bell Garden Records. Jad produces, mixes, and masters for most of the artists signed to his record label. He takes care of them while also drawing on powerful feelings of nostalgia he experiences when producing alone - even though the music is brand new, it invokes sentiments from house music in the 1990s. He debuted under this alias in late 2019 with the track 'razberi,' followed by 'stroberi' and 'cr&beri.' These singles surged in popularity due to the success of his own Spotify playlist titled 'Bomberman Hero,' where other Bell Garden releases have also achieved success. Jad's most recent release is the double single '.png /.jpeg.' He is currently working on an album titled 'apotheceri.'


Chattanooga, Tennessee


Kelby Hancock

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ocean waters rise
build a seastead biosphere
powered by the tides


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