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The eccentric lyricist behind idk?anime is known by most off the web as Matison Lakstigala, or “Matts” for short. As an outdoor enthusiast, there are many places this traveler considers home but has recently housed herself in the cozy recreational mecca of Denver, Colorado. This bedroom pop idol-wannabe’s colorful melodies and risqué raps combine a curated vaporware aesthetic with a not-so-subtle hint of spunky ness. Inspired by female artists such as “Kitty” (formerly “Kitty Pryde”) and Japanese sensation “Kero Kero Bonito”, idk?anime straddles the fence between pop music and experimental genres, redefining what it means to be a female rapper. True to her dual nature as both a wanderer and self proclaimed “Weeaboo”, her musical personality is characterized by both upbeat and introspective beats, bringing into question modern technology and it’s relationship to Asian culture. As a somewhat newer addition to Bell Garden, this artist brings a unique flavor to the table with her most recent single titled “Brickwall” and wishes to showcase her vocal and songwriting talents by partnering with other artists on the label.


Denver, Colorado


Matison Lakstigala

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the being single
a hot smart being single
because of the man


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