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Transmutation without Limitation

Daniel Shepherd is normally the producer behind the dismal and melancholic sounds of mutual feelings. When he works alone, though, he creates ethereal soundscapes reminiscent of keygen music. This all began at a young age when he composed beats for his brother, who was a rapper. By joining mutual feelings and working with other producers like Modules Plus, he was able to accelerate the pace at which his musical career began to take off.

When the band signed with Bell Garden Records in late 2020, the label quickly became intrigued in his solo work and asked him to release a CD with them. Soon after, HRDSHP delivered his first EP, titled 'Transmutation,' in March 2021. This release packs a swift punch, with six tracks clocking in at just under 20 minutes. He had over 100 monthly Spotify listeners within a month after the EP's release. HRDSHP's future solo plans are currently unknown, however he is collaborating with producer Modules Plus on the next mutual feelings project, which is slated for release in the next year.


Charlotte, North Carolina


Daniel Shepherd

Holy Circuitry.JPG

found an artifact
hrdshp made me put it back
twisted space in black


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