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Hotel Parallax


Initiating Emotion

Hotel Parallax is a highly regarded vaporwave artist on Bell Garden Records, having been active since the early 2010's with previous affiliations on the label. Their identity remains unknown, but it is known that they reside in Taiwan. Their Bandcamp classics, 'PROCESSES' and 'ECSTⒶSY の ©OMPUTE®', were released in 2013 and were re-released on CD and streaming in 2019 and 2020, respectively. These albums are the first two installments of The Computer Trilogy, a series of concept albums that explore the themes of artificial intelligence, divinity, and developmental psychology.

In March 2023, Hotel Parallax released their first new single in a decade titled "The Dream Of Air". This release marks the beginning of the final chapter in The Computer Trilogy, with the third and final installment, entitled "Sacred Hunger," set to be released later in 2023. Despite the significant gap between releases, Hotel Parallax's music remains highly respected and relevant in the vaporwave scene, with fans eagerly awaiting the final chapter of The Computer Trilogy.


Zhubei, Taiwan



Holy Circuitry.JPG

In the forge's dance,
Hammer strikes, sparks ignite dreams,
New fate takes its stance


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