Grayson Talton


Heat... The Heat...

Grayson Talton isn't only a deep house producer; he also indulges in other thrilling genres and builds his own. His music production style is incredibly sleek, industrial, and colorful. With the addition of No Merit to the Bell Garden Records roster in 2019, he began his venture into the label. The record label grew interested in his solo work as a result of this.
Grayson premiered his first solo single, "Soap," in June 2020 via Bell Garden, followed by another single, "Heat," in July. These singles were unrelated to his debut album 'idiot online,' which was released in April 2021, almost a year later. Although the status of his next solo project is unknown, he is currently working on the second No Merit LP, which is set to be released in 2021.


Gadsden, Alabama


Grayson Talton

Recent Releases

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