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Dakota Hoffman's pseudonym is Crow.Business, and he's a chill beats producer from Birmingham, Alabama who had been flying under the radar for the past decade until he teamed up with Bell Garden Records in 2020. He has a vast library of music ready to be released, as well as fresh ones on the way. He's garnered a following among online enthusiasts looking for unusual music that sounds reminiscent of bands like Boards Of Canada.
In the last ten years, all of his music has found it’s home in places online like Youtube and Soundcloud. In July of 2021, Bell Garden Records published his official debut double-single dubbed "Red Bricks / Porch Talk" to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other music streaming services. However, the same two tracks were previously released on Bell Garden's Winter Solstice Compilation CD in December 2020, signaling an early release for those who follow the compilations. His next release is set to be released in 2021.


Birmingham, Alabama


Dakota Hoffman

Recent Releases

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let's take a porch walk
and listen to them red bricks
talk about porch talk