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BG & Bulbless present The Delay In The Universal Loop's Holy Circuitry, with Future Rituals video


We are very proud to announce our first label collaboration! Bulbless Records of Italy has teamed up with Bell Garden to bring you The Delay In The Universal Loop's latest album, Holy Circuitry. This dissonant dive into a corrupted Game Boy cartridge is nothing short of divine. Electric and messy; smooth yet disconnected - Holy Circuitry is attention grabbing and also a little weird in our favorite ways. Not only is the album streaming, but you can get a CD copy right now in the Bell Garden Shop! You can also pre-order a limited run of a cassette version coming later this summer. If you think we haven't done enough for you yet, you can also watch the music video for Future Rituals, also linked below! What better album to play on repeat than the newest sonic-scape from The Delay In The Universal Loop? Click here to buy and listen to Holy Circuitry! 🙏🏼🔌

No Merit's third single leading up to LP


Speed away in somber grooves when No Merit unveils their newest single, Countach. A beautiful synthesizer landscape guides you through pain and regret. This is the final single in a series of three, leading up to the release of No Merit's debut LP You, Me, a Box of Noodles, and a Pauly Shore Movie. Click here to listen to Countach! 👁️❄️

Yowch! _ is back again with yaps


Brace yourselves, as yaps by _ busts its way into your airwaves. The sub-woofer blasts a juicy beat wrapped in some abrasive sonic vibrations. Hold on to your butts folks, because listening to this one is like getting punched in the face with sound. Click here to listen to yaps! 🗣️🥊

Bell Garden launches Merch Shop


Join us in the launch of our Prism-branded merch store at! Easily purchase unique products featuring your favorite BG artists. Shirts, hats, stickers, and fanny packs are just a few of the commodities featured in the Bell Garden Shop.

Click here to visit the Bell Garden Shop! 

Clean your ears out with this one 


Lather up with these fresh tunes. Grayson Talton just dropped the cleanest Bell Garden track yet. With its industrial beat and sultry synths, his debut track Soap feels like you're partying in the shower. Click here to listen to Soap! 🧼🧿

A new HoPax track worth its weight in gold 


Hotel Parallax brings us a new track that easily describes itself. gold™ is a shining track radiating ancient vibes, with rich hypotic waves of tribal essence and phat beatz. Imagine yourself at a rave among primal gods in a pharaoh's burial chamber. You'd imagine it a lot easier if you Click here to listen to gold™! 📀🩸

FUTURE FACES returns from years of silence


Shortly before the release of BINARY, the second album from FUTURE FACES, we are proud to bring you the first good word from the mysterious act in seven years. Like Hotel Parallax, FUTURE FACES found a small following back in the peak of Bandcamp vaporwave in the early 2010s that made it worth completing the trilogy. Last year we brought the first album UNITED to CD and we hope to bring it to streaming along with the second album. Click here to listen to ANALYZE! 💿💾

Looks like they torched the place, jeez


VFKR's latest track is so good we had to let you hear it before it was even finished. This one will be the capping track of the upcoming EP Triomes, set to follow up Qwazi which came earlier this year. When the EP drops, Magma will feature vocals from the Italian audio bender known as The Delay In The Universal Loop. Get into an instrumental flow with Magma, heating up playlists everywhere! Click here to listen to Magma! 🌋🌨️

Curious about sound?


We're not supposed to tell anyone, but VFKR has a new single! Maybe you don't understand now, but follow these vibrations and you will see how much of a good friend this track can be. Click here to listen to Conspiracy Theory! 🔊 📺

It's a Goode time to hear this


Some real Goode fruit comes to bloom with Rivers Cuomo. When asked, Goode described his track as, "If I stole the identiy of Weezer's lead singer and gave it a funky beat." Click here to listen to Rivers Cuomo! 🙇🏻‍♂️💫



The debut album from Phanerons is finally here! Dive into Bubonic Beach Party - 11 groovy tracks to soak up during our quarantined spring. The Rat King threw this party just for you. The results could be explosive if you don’t attend! Click here to attend the Bubonic Beach Party! 🐀🏖️☠️

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